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CyberFlair Limited Press Release

Monday, May 9, 2011

Health & Safety Messaging for Computer Users Beyond Employee Induction

Help maintain your employee's wellbeing by delivering the health and safety message to their desktop.

It is well established that organisations have an obligation to train its employees on the health and safety issues regarding the use of its computer systems. However, it is all too easy to leave this as a one off process at the time of hiring and then to hope that no issues arise at a later date.

One such health and safety recommendation is for avoiding extended and unbroken periods of computer use. The problem is that when we're busy, it's all too easy to lose track of time. But by taking short breaks frequently, it is proven that not only can you avoid computer related injuries such as the musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) known as repetitive strain injury or carpal tunnel syndrome, but also headaches and eyestrain. Evidence of this can be seen in a study published by the UK's Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in 2007 regarding the use of Display Screen Equipment. The report identified that computer users are 46% more likely to experience a musculoskeletal symptom and 84% more likely to experience headaches and/or eye discomfort amongst those who worked for over 1 hour without taking a break. So not only can taking frequent breaks reduce the chance of computer related illnesses, they are also known to give the employee a chance to refresh their productivity levels.

CyberFlair's Healthy Hints software, not only allows the user to set gentle reminders for when a computer break is due, but also places relevant health and safety information at their fingertips. The software is also the ideal place to make the organisation's own health and safety information available.

Additional features include:

  • Option to temporarily suspend reminders, when you really don't want to break up your workflow.
  • User receives a 5-star achievement rating for keeping to their chosen work and rest periods.
  • Add your organisation's health & safety information and optional web link to the main screen.
  • Tailor the software further by adding your organisation's logo and name.

For further information or to download a free trial, please visit

About CyberFlair, Ltd.

CyberFlair Limited is a newly formed start-up company based on over 15 years of professional software development expertise. Our aim is to provide a range of high quality Microsoft Windows software that is both functional and intuitive to use. One of our key design aspects is that of being sympathetic to the computer's resources. By keeping processor, memory and disk usage low, this not only leaves more resources for other applications but can also reduce energy requirements.

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