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Storage Health

Storage Device Healthy Hints

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Personalized Health Report from CyberFlair Healthy Hints.

CyberFlair's new version can now also monitor the health of your computer.  It will bring to your attention possible security issues and offer advice and tools to help fix them.

CyberFlair Healthy Hints can analyze the health and settings of computer's storage hardware and make any relevant suggestions.  Such settings include checking each device's power settings, reported health status and amount of free disk space.


The storage hardware your computer uses is important two-fold.  Not only are your computer's Windows operating system files stored there, but so are your personal document & media files.  This means that if there is a problem with the storage device, you could lose your data and/or prevent your computer from starting.

So, by checking the status and settings of your storage devices, you can extend the life-span of the hardware and detect problems early.

The areas that CyberFlair Healthy Hints can check include:

Storage Space Health
Having spare capacity on each disk is not only useful for storing additional programs or data in the future, but is also required by your computer to perform certain maintenance tasks.  Such tasks include:

  • Installing updates to the Windows operating system and other programs.
  • Moving files that are stored in fragmented parts to improve reading speed and reduce drive 'wear-and-tear'.
  • To use as virtual memory so that physical memory (RAM) space can be re-used at times of high demand.

Storage Working Efficiency Health
For mechanical storage devices, data fragmentation can considerably slow down the operations of your computer and greatly increase the 'wear and tear' on it's mechanisms.  Therefore, it is recommended that your storage drives are regularly defragmented, which is a task usually automatically performed by Windows.

However, some storage devices are of a type known as a 'Solid State Drive' or SSD.  These are typically used in USB Flash drives, or found inside high-end, professional computers.  They are designed without moving parts so defragmenting does not give performance benefits.  However, as each data block can only be written to a guaranteed number of times, defragmentation can actually be detrimental and lead to a quicker drive failure.

Storage Drive Health
Here CyberFlair Healthy Hints will question each physical storage device as to its health.  Additionally, the Windows Event Log will be searched and analyze for recent Disk Error-Checking reports.

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