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Windows Updates

Windows Updates Healthy Hints

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Personalized Health Report from CyberFlair Healthy Hints.

CyberFlair's new version can now also monitor the health of your computer.  It will bring to your attention possible security issues and offer advice and tools to help fix them.

CyberFlair Healthy Hints can check the status of Windows Update.  It will highlight any important updates not yet installed, while checking that updates are occurring.


As with any large piece of software, they are likely to contain errors.  Some of these errors can be exploited in order to get your computer to perform malicious or wanted tasks.  As these exploits get identified, software producers fix and offer them as updates.  Therefore, it is essential to keep your operating system & other software up-to-date.

Although Windows can remind you if it is not up-to-date, these reminders can be disabled if the computer is infected.  With the new version of CyberFlair Healthy Hints installed, this is an additional program that will check that Windows Updates are functioning.

However, it is always worth occasionally, manually checking to see if updates are waiting and whether there are any problems.  To see this area of Microsoft Windows configuration, you can:

Within CyberFlair Healthy Hints
Press the 'Action Selected Item...' button in the Windows Update health report window and select 'Show Windows Update settings...'.

  • Windows 8, Windows Control Panel  »  System and Security  »  Windows Update
  • Windows 7, Windows Control Panel  »  System and Security  »  Windows Update
  • Windows Vista, Windows Control Panel  »  Security  »  Windows Update
  • Windows XP, Windows Control Panel  »  Security Center  »  Automatic Updates


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