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Antispyware Software

Antispyware Software Healthy Hints

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Personalized Health Report from CyberFlair Healthy Hints.

CyberFlair's new version can now also monitor the health of your computer.  It will bring to your attention possible security issues and offer advice and tools to help fix them.

CyberFlair Healthy Hints can check that you have an antispyware product active and up-to-date.  It will also check for multiple such products that could be slowing down your computer.


An antispyware program is designed to identify and prevent specific forms of malware that capture and report on your activities on your computer.  Such spyware activities can range from:

  • Monitoring which programs you use and which web sites you visit for marketing purposes.
  • Controlling your Web Browser by forcing you to a particular home page, search engine or preventing you from accessing certain sites.
  • Recording your keyboard activity and recording what's on your screen in order to capture personal information including passwords.

Antispyware software typically protect you and your computer in the following ways:

  • Real-time Monitoring
    Malicious software can only be effective when it's actively being run by your computer.  But, before it can run, it needs to be transferred to your computer, typically over your network connection.  Therefore antispyware programs can check incoming network data for such a program being downloaded.  It may even suggest not visiting a particular web site because it is known to be offering malware.
  • Scan & Removal
    This is where an antispyware program will perform a thorough scan of your computer looking for items of malware already running and offer to remove them.

It is recommended that you use an anti-spyware program that offers both real-time protection and scheduling scanning, as only relying on removal after already being infected could mean that your personal information has already been stolen.

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