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Frequent Breaks
Eye Health
Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
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Healthy Hints

Healthy Hints - Eye Health

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Extended periods spent concentrating on a computer screen can lead to tired eyes or discomfort.  In addition to taking frequent breaks, there are some other factors worth considering.

The information displayed here should not be considered as official advice but is rather a generalization of recommendations from around the World.
IMPORTANT: If you feel that you may be experiencing any health issues you should always seek advice from a health professional such as a doctor or optician.

Lighting & Reflections

Lighting & Reflections

Bright lights can reduced the perceived brightness of your monitor, potentially making it more difficult the see.  Alternatively, where the bright light is situated behind the computer screen it can cause contrast problems.

Also watch out for reflection on your computer screen as they can be distracting.  These can be caused by brightly lit objects in front of the monitor.  An anti-reflective screen overlay may help.

Screen Size & Resolution

Screen Size & Resolution

Having a screen that is too small or using a screen resolution too high can make things difficult to see.  Alternative to getting a larger monitor there are a number of options available for making the screen clearer.

  • You can configure Windows to use a larger size of text.
  • Lowering the screen resolution will also make everything appear larger.  However, modern displays have a preferred or native resolution, that if not used can make the text appear unclear.  So typically it's recommended to use the native resolution of your monitor.
  • Using Windows ClearType option can also improve readability on flat-screen displays.
  • Some applications such as Web Browsers and Word Processors also offer a zoom feature.
Eye Tests & Eye Wear

Eye Tests & Eye Wear

Certain eye conditions can make it more difficult to perceive a computer screen.  In some countries, such as England, if you are required to use a computer screen a lot at work then you have the right to ask your employer to pay for eye and eyesight tests.  In some cases your employer may be obliged to pay for a basic pair of glasses if specifically needed for the task.  If you do wear glasses then an anti-reflective coating may also help.

Frequent Breaks

Frequent Breaks

Long periods staring at a computer screen can result in eye fatigue and dryness.  By taking frequent breaks you give your eyes the opportunity of a rest.  Try focusing on things at a greater distance by looking out of a window.

CyberFlair Healthy Hints
If you are wish to know more about the CyberFlair Healthy Hints product, check out:
   » The product's features page.
   » The product's online help topics.

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