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Healthy Hints Help - Options

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Product News

This option determines whether important and useful information on new and updated products is displayed.

Upgrade Notification

This option determines whether a popup message is displayed when an optional upgrade is available for download.

Eco Mode

This option reduces resource requirements the program makes on your computer.
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Commercial Branding

For installations using a commercial license, you can add your organization's branding to the product.  These settings can either be quickly set here our they can be configured and locked via Group Policy.

Organization's Identity

This allows you to replace the CyberFlair's logo on the main screen with your organization's logo or title.

To set, you must at least specify your organization's title.

You can also choose to display your organization's logo.  The image properties supported include:

  • Up to 180 pixels wide by 60 pixels high.  Larger images will be cropped.
  • Windows Bitmap, GIF, JPEG, PNG or TIFF image type.
  • Images can contain transparency information.

Organization's Health Information

This allows you to add your organization's Health & Safety information to the main screen.  This will appear along with the other health information, and will be shown as the first item.

  • Tab Name, is the name to appear in the clickable tab for displaying your information.
  • Contents, is the text to be displayed.  (Maximum of 1024 characters.)
  • Online Link, is an optional web link for accessing your additional online, health & safety resources.


Icon & Messages Style

This option allows you to select the method used for displaying the programs notification icon and messages.  The methods available are:

  • Use operating system's icon method with custom notifications (recommended)
  • Use operating system's icon and notification method
  • Force Windows XP icon method with custom notifications
  • Force Windows XP icon and notification method

The 'custom notifications' methods have the following improved functionality:

  • See your current achievement rating.
  • Gives you direct access for suspending further notifications.
  • Does not get suppressed by Windows when using certain productivity or gaming programs in full-screen mode.

The 'Force Windows XP' methods are available for troubleshooting should the later versions of Windows prevent the icon from being registered with Windows.

Please note that Windows can also be configured to hide notification icons.  To access these settings right-click the Windows taskbar clock and select the option for customizing notifications.

Custom Notification Sound

Here you can specify the sound that will be played when a notification message is displayed.

Play System Default Sound

This option means that the sound played is based on the notification style selected and your Window's System Sounds setting.

If below matches your settings, then the Window's System Sound titled, 'Asterisk' is played:

  • You are using Windows Vista or Windows 7
  • AND, you have select either notification style of:
    • 'Use operating system's icon and custom notifications (recommended)'
    • 'Force Windows XP icon and custom notifications'

Alternatively, if ANY of the below matches your settings, then the Window's System Sound titled, 'System Notification' is played:

  • You are using Windows XP
  • You have select the style 'Use operating system's icon and notification method'
  • You have select the style 'Force Windows XP icon and notification method'

To change the sounds associated with named Window's System Sounds, you need to use Windows Control Panel, 'Hardware and Sound' option of 'Change system sounds'.  Further assistance on how to do this can be found in Windows Help.

Play Sound File:

This option is only available when using one of Healthy Hints custom notification styles and allows you to select which Wave Sound (.wav) file is played.

Windows includes a number of sound files that you may wish to try. These can be found in the folder c:\windows\media

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