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Advertize your Pub, Club or Venue Templates

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Using CyberFlair 3D Impressions on your Windows PC or laptop, you can easily create eye-catching adverts promoting your events on your venue's TV screens.

Either connect your computer to the TV to play your presentations live, or use the movie creation function to export to a movie file for playback on supported devices [1].

Below is a selection of templates supplied with the product that maybe of use.  When selected, the easy-to-use Wizard guides you through any customization such as names, titles and details.  Alternatively, you can create your own very own designs and animations.

Bingo Night
Bingo Night
Bingo Night
Fireworks Display
Fireworks Display
Fireworks Display
Function Room Hire
Function Room Hire
Function Room Hire
Live Music
Live Music
Live Music
Quiz Night
Quiz Night
Quiz Night
Soccer Event
Soccer Event
Soccer Event
Product Features
• Many Templates Included
• Easy Customizing Wizard
• Screen Saver Slots
• Create You Own Designs
• Powerful & Modern Editor
• Export to Movie File
• more...

CyberFlair 3D Impressions - Professional Edition, also includes:

  • Create movies in for high-definition TVs or standard-definition suitable for creating DVD footage.
  • Playlist editor lets you sequence your adverts and choose how long each is displayed.
  • New, downloadable templates are automatically presented and installed with a single click.
  • Option to use your designs as your Windows screen saver.

This and more is included with the product,
for the low, one-off price of:
       £ 29.99
$ 38.99 + Tax
€ 31.99 + Tax
Buy Now

To Download the Free, 14-day Trial
Click Here

For More Information
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[1] Supported devices include TV's with a USB or media slot, games consoles, DVD players and other multimedia devices.  As different players support different movie file formats, a free conversion tool is available for download, clicking here for details.


With the CyberFlair 3D Impressions product, you get this plus many other themed templates to use throughout the year.  All for a one-off, low-cost purchase.
» Click here to download a free 14-day trial.

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Locations: pub, club, venue, bar, event, function room.
Activities: bingo, disco, fireworks, function room hire, music, live music, karaoke, party, quiz, soccer, football, live football.

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