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3D Impressions Help - Story Albums

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Story Albums are a way of specifying a collection of texts to be displayed as an object's Text Overlay.  The Story Albums Manager is where you can create and modify these collections.

Creating Story Albums

To access the Story Albums Manager, select the program's 'Design' ribbon category and click the 'Manage Story Albums' button.

You can now click the 'Add...' button.  This will present you with the Story Album screen where you can give your album a title and specify your collection of texts.  For information on how to customize your Story Album, see the section below.

Modifying Story Albums

As well as accessing all your story albums with the manager, you can also edit a specific Story Album by double-clicking its entry in the 'Objects List' tool window.

Album Name

This is where you can give your album a friendly which will be useful when selecting it for use within an object's text overlay.

Story Articles

Here you list in order the text you wish to be part of the album.

Using the 'Add' buttons, text can be specified from the following source locations:

Embedded Text

This allows you to enter the text and store it as part of the 3D Impressions document.

Click the 'Add Text...' button and enter your article. 

Each part can also contain tokens for displaying dynamically generated segments of text.  For information on available tokens see the 'Text Tokens' topic.

RSS Feed

This allows you to create a collection of texts from an RSS News Feed available on the Internet or Intranet. 

Click the 'Add RSS...' button to enter the URL to the RSS News Feed. 

When used, the target resource is downloaded and cached locally once every 24 hours.  Its content is then expanded to create a series story articles.  If subsequent requests to re-download the image fail, such as when the computer or RSS server is offline, the cached version will be reused.

Story Article Ordering

The order you specify your stories in determines the order that they are displayed upon those objects using the album.

To modify the list order, you can use the 'Move Up' and 'Move Down' buttons.

An object that uses an album, displays the 1st story when it 1st appears.  As the object performs its Text Overlay Effects, it moves to the next album story article in the list.

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