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3D Impressions Help - Scene Setup

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Object Drawing Order

The order in which the objects within the scene are drawn can greatly improve performance.  For instance, drawing objects close to the user first can obscure distant objects, allowing certain processing steps to be skipped.  However, materials that are semi-transparent materials need to be drawn later as their surfaces do not obscure others.

Typically, calculating this drawing order only needs to be performed once at the beginning of the scene's playback.  However, if the scene contains semi-transparent material objects as well as objects that move along the z-axis, this can result in the drawing order not being suitable.  This is where the drawing order for the relevant scene layer containing the semi-transparent materials can be recalculated every frame.

Eco Mode - Scene Update Rate

The frequency of screen updates is designed to synchronize with the refresh rate of your monitor.  This can help with animation smoothness and power consumption.

However, for some of your designs, you may wish to slow down animation at certain times of playback so to reduce processing power further at the potential expense of animation smoothness.

Please note that these file-based Eco Mode redraw delay settings are a minimum to the global Eco Mode values that may be set.

Set Starting Minimum Redraw Time

Enable this option to set the per-frame, update delay to be used at the start of the scene's playback.  You can then choose the number of milliseconds that each frame should take before moving on to drawing the next.

Set Later Minimum Redrawn Time

Enable this option to set a per-frame, update delay to be used after the scene has been playing for a specified amount of time.  You can then set what time the new delay takes effect and the desired millisecond delay.

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