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3D Impressions Help - Text Overlay Context Ribbon

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Text Overlay Context Ribbon Category


Edit Text

This allows you to specify any text to be displayed over the object.  Texts can be made up of 3 sections; a title, body and footer.  These can either be static or cycle through different texts as specified in a 'Story Album'.  The text can also be obtained from a number of sources, such as embedded or from the Internet via an RSS feed.
For more information see 'Text Format & Sources'.


Here you can specify the vertical and horizontal gap between the overlay text parts and the boundary of the object.

Title, Body & Footer Format

Here you can define the visual appearance of each part of the text.

For each, you configure the following:

  • Text color.
  • Text alpha level of transparency.
  • Text font style and size.
  • The alignment of the text within the object's bounding area.
  • An optional child object that is used to draw the background to its text area.


Intro Overlay Effect

This defines how the text arrives onto the object.  For more details see the 'Overlay Effects' topic

Outro Overlay Effect

This defines when and how the text leaves the object.  For more details see the 'Overlay Effects' topic

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