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3D Impressions Help - Movie Ribbon

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Here you can select the dimensions of the movie to be created. 

Please note, to create movies with a resolution higher than 800 x 600 or 854 x 480, you need the Professional Edition of the product.

For a complete list of resolutions available see the 'Movie Formats' help topic.

Frames per Second

This informs you of the number of frames that will be created per second of movie footage.

Customize Resolution List

This allows you to choose whether the list of resolutions shows NTSC or PAL video formats.

Length of Movie

Specify here the length of movie you wish to be created in minutes and seconds.
The example shown above would create a movie of 1 minute in length.

Please note that to create movies longer than 5 minutes you need the Professional Edition of the product.

Compression Quality

Here you can select the image quality hat you would like the movie file to be created with.  The higher the quality level the better the movie will look but the file size will be larger.

There are three levels available, which are low, medium and high.

Image Smoothing

This setting can greatly improve the edges of objects by making them look less jagged.  When used, this can increase the time taken to create the movie.

Depending on the capabilities of your graphics hardware, there are up to 2 types of Images Smoothing techniques to choose from:

  • Anti-Alias
    Depending on the multi-sampling capabilities of your graphics hardware for the selected Windows desktop screen resolution, you may be offered this technique at levels of 2x, 4x, 6x, 8x, 10x, 12x, 14x and 16x.
    The higher the level, the more object edges will be smoothing.
  • Downscale
    This technique is available to all users and is achieved my rendering the movie at a multiple size of the target movie resolution and then shrinking the image.  This is offered at levels of 2x, 3x and 4x.


Make Movie

This will turn your current CyberFlair 3D Impressions document into a movie file based on the formatting settings provided.

Once clicked, you will be asked to choose a destination file name.  This will be followed by the 3D player being launched in movie creation mode.

This will result in your 3D Impression being displayed in a window along with a progress dialog box.  When the progress dialog box closes, the movie has been created and the player window can be closed.

Make Test Movie

This uses your format setting to create a simple movie test file.

When clicked, you will be asked to choose a destination file name.  Following this will be shown a progress dialog box while the test movie is generated.  Once the movie has finished been created, Windows Explorer will be launched showing the location of the new movie file where it can be opened for viewing.

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