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3D Impressions Help - Home Ribbon

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This panel contains the standard clipboard actions for copy, cut and pasting to the program's clipboard.



The preview button offers 2 methods of previewing your current document using the 3D player.


This plays your current document full-screen as it would appear is launched as a Screen Saver or played directly from the 3D Impressions document file.

The quick access for performing this action is to press 'F5' on the keyboard.


This plays your current document in a resizable window.  This allows you to change the dimensions of the window so that you can test how the scene scales to different sizes of monitors.

To close the preview window, click the standard Windows close button or press Escape on the keyboard.

The quick access for performing this action is to press 'Ctrl+F5' on the keyboard.

Format Scene

Background Color

This allows you to define a simple background color for your scene.  For more advanced looking backgrounds, such as ones using a picture or having graduated colors, you can create objects within the Background Layer.

Ambient Lighting

This allows you to define a level and color of ambient or background light that affects those objects that have their Lighting property set to yes.  The color you choose determines the how those objects appear on its surfaces that are not facing any light source object.

For more information about this setting see the 'Lighting' topic.


You can make your objects look more realistic through the use of reflections.  This allows you to create more convicing metallic or mirror-like material surfaces

For more information about these settings see the 'Reflections' topic.

Insert Object

This panel allows you to add a number of different looking object shapes. 

For details about the mesh shapes available see the 'Object Meshes' topic.

When you insert a new object, it will be added to your document as a Main Layer object.  A collection of additional ribbon categories will also be shown allowing you to customize this new object.

Add Light Source

If your scene does not already contain a light source object, then you can click this to add one.

For more information about how lighting affects your objects see the 'Lighting' topic.

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