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3D Impressions Help - Material Picture Sources

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An object's material picture can be specified from a number of sources.


This allows you to use a picture file from a local or remote storage device.

Either use the folder button to browse to your required file or use the 'Gallery...' button to choose one from the pictures supplied with the product.  Alternatively, you can enter the file location yourself. 

For advanced users, you may use a network path to reference a file from a network shared location, although you must make sure that all required users have suitable read permissions.


This allows you to use a picture file from the web or other Internet or Intranet location.

Simply enter the URL to the supported image file.  Both http:// and https:// prefixes are accepted.

When a URL is specified, the target picture is downloaded and cached locally once every 24 hours.  If subsequent requests to re-download the image fail, such as when the computer or web server is offline, the cached version will be reused.

Please note that if you are referencing a web site that you do not own, you should check its Terms and Conditions as to whether such use of its images is prohibited.


An album allows you to show a collection of pictures on the material's surface rather like a slide show.

First you need to create your Picture Album and then it will be available for selection.  For information on how to create Picture Albums see the 'Picture Albums' topic.

File Types Supported

The table below shows the file types that are supported:

Supported Picture File Types
Windows files *.bmp
JPEG files *.jpg *.jpeg *.jpe
PNG files *.png
TGA files *.tga

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