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3D Impressions Playback Overview

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Once you have created your 3D Impressions document it can be displayed in a number of ways, with or without a computer.

With the exception of the Professional Edition's, 'Quick Presentation' and 'Playlists' modes, all of these playback methods are available in both the Home & Professional Editions of the product.

Preview Modes

Preview    From within the Studio Editor, the 'Preview' button on the 'Home' ribbon panel, allows you to play the open document.  This is available in 2 styles where it can be previewed full-screen or within a resizable window.

Preview Full-Screen

This displays the open document as it would normally appear in the other full-screen playback modes described below.  For users of the Home Edition, (without Quick Presentation mode), this is the usual way for playing your designs live at your parties.

Preview in Window

This displays the open document within a resizable window.

This playback mode has 3 uses:

  1. Lets you see your design while allowing you access to other program windows.
  2. You can change the dimensions of the window to see show it looks on different shaped displays, (E.g. 16:9 and 4:3 displays).
  3. Lets you start/stop animation the animation and take screen shots. (See below.)

Taking Screen Shots

While using 'Previewing in Window', you can take screen shots which are placed into the Windows Clipboard for pasting into suitable programs such as Paint or Microsoft Office.

To achieve this, the following keys can be used:

Pause    This starts and stops playback animation of the preview.  This lets you check closely the appearance of objects and to determine if it is good-enough for your screen shot.
Alt + Print Scrn    This takes the snap-shot of the window.
Incidentally, this is a feature of Microsoft Windows and can be used on most windows.

Screen Saver

Any of your documents can also be used as your screen saver.

Within the Studio Editor, simply use the 'Save As Screen Saver' on the 'Screen Saver' ribbon panel.  This will then let you save to one of your three personal screen saver slots, from which an entry is randomly picked when Windows starts the screen saver.

Owners of a Professional Edition license can also use what's called Global Screen Saver Slots that are available to all users on the computer and hence are useful for setting consistent messaging for all computer users.

For more information, see Screen Saver Topics.

Quick Presentation

This ability is only available with a Professional Edition license and allows you to play your CyberFlair 3D Impressions documents by simply double-clicking the document or a shortcut to a document.

This makes it easy to use your designs quickly, such as by creating shortcuts on your desktop to those you immediately require.

You could also assign your shortcut a 'Shortcut key' combination. E.g. Setting Ctrl+Alt+C to show your company design while you are waiting to start your Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentation.

Movie Creation

Any of your documents can also be used to create movie files for playback on devices without a computer, or on devices without CyberFlair 3D Impressions being installed.

Within the Studio Editor, you use the 'Movie' ribbon panel. 

This feature is available in both Home & Professional editions.  However, the Home edition is restricted and does not let you create high-definition or movies longer than 5 minutes.

For more information, see Movie Creation Topics.


Using playlists you can create playback sequences of your CyberFlair 3D Impressions documents.  You do this using the supplied playlist editor to reference your documents and specifying the duration of time for each to be displayed.  This feature is only available within a Professional Edition license.

For more information, see Playlist Topics.

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