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3D Impressions Help - Movie Formats

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File Encoding

Movies are created using the Windows Media Video file format or .WMV files.

This allows for playback on a range of devices such as:

  • Microsoft Operating Systems up to an including Windows 8.
  • Games Consoles such as Microsoft Xbox 360.
  • Any other device supporting this format such as TVs, DVD, Blu-ray and media players.

Movie Converter Tool

With the additional of the downloadable Movie Converter tool, you can now easily turn your .WMV movie files into other file types allowing playback on numerous other devices.

This will allow you easily convert your movies to the following formats:

    •  MPEG 1 & MPEG 2
•  MPEG 4
•  DIVX 2 & DIVX 3

» Click here for details and how to DOWNLOAD the Movie Converter tool.

Movie Resolution

The table below shows the different resolutions offered:

320 x 200   CGA3202000.06
320 x 240   QVGA3202400.08
426 x 240   240p Widescreen4262400.10
640 x 360   360p Widescreen6403600.23
640 x 480   VGA6404800.31
540 x 404   PC Standard (4:3 NTSC)5404040.22Standard Definition
720 x 404   PC Widescreen (16:9 NTSC)7204040.29Standard Definition
540 x 404   PC Standard (4:3 PAL)5404040.22Standard Definition
720 x 404   PC Widescreen (16:9 PAL)7204040.29Standard Definition
720 x 480   DVD Standard (4:3 NTSC)7204800.35Standard Definition
720 x 480   DVD Widescreen (16:9 NTSC)7204800.35Standard Definition
720 x 576   DVD Standard (4:3 PAL)7205760.41Standard Definition
720 x 576   DVD Widescreen (16:9 PAL)7205760.41Standard Definition
800 x 480   WVGA8004800.38
800 x 600   SVGA8006000.48
854 x 480   480p Widescreen8544800.41
Professional Edition Resolutions
1280 x 720    HD 720p24 Widescreen12807200.92HD Ready
1280 x 720    HD 720p30n Widescreen (NTSC)12807200.92HD Ready
1280 x 720    HD 720p30 Widescreen12807200.92HD Ready
1280 x 720    HD 720p50 Widescreen12807200.92HD Ready
1280 x 720    HD 720p60 Widescreen12807200.92HD Ready
1920 x 1080  HD 1080p24192010802.1  Full HD
1920 x 1080  HD 1080p25192010802.1  Full HD
1920 x 1080  HD 1080p30n192010802.1  Full HD
1920 x 1080  HD 1080p30192010802.1  Full HD
1920 x 1080  HD 1080p50192010802.1  Full HD
1920 x 1080  HD 1080p60192010802.1  Full HD
1920 x 1200  WUXGA192012002.3  
2048 x 1080  2K204810802.2  Low-End Digital Cinema

Please note that you can only create movies with a resolution higher than 800 x 600 or 854 x 480 with the Professional Edition of the product.

Movie Length

You choose the duration of movie footage to be created.

The Home Edition is limited to a maximum of 5 minutes.

The Professional Edition does not impose any duration limitation.

Compression Quality

Here you can select the image quality hat you would like the movie file to be created with.  The higher the quality level the better the movie will look but the file size will be larger.

There are three levels available, which are low, medium and high.

Image Smoothing

This setting can greatly improve the edges of objects by making them look less jagged.  When used, this can increase the time taken to create the movie.

Depending on the capabilities of your graphics hardware, there are up to 2 types of Images Smoothing techniques to choose from:

  • Anti-Alias
    Depending on the multi-sampling capabilities of your graphics hardware for the selected Windows desktop screen resolution, you may be offered this technique at levels of 2x, 4x, 6x, 8x, 10x, 12x, 14x and 16x.
    The higher the level, the more object edges will be smoothing.
  • Downscale
    This technique is available to all users and is achieved my rendering the movie at a multiple size of the target movie resolution and then shrinking the image.  This is offered at levels of 2x, 3x and 4x.

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