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3D Impressions Help - Introduction

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CyberFlair 3D Impressions is software for Microsoft Windows where you can create engaging graphics using objects that you place in 3D space.  These impressions can then be used in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Dynamic, pre-presentation welcoming screens
  • Your own personal or corporate screen saver
  • To create movie clips to enhance home or corporate videos

The Basics


Each object has an array of properties that affect how it looks and moves within the scene.  These properties are split up into 4 categories:

› General - Describes the shape and position the object has on the screen.
› Material - Describes the color and texture of the object and how it's affected by light.
› Motion - Describes how the object moves about the scene.
› Text Overlay - Describes any text that is drawn over the object's location.

For specific details about the above, the following help topics are available:
'General Properties', 'Material Properties', 'Motion Properties', and Text Overlay Properties'.


In addition to objects, you can create albums of Pictures and Stories that help make showing dynamic content easy.

› Picture Albums -Allow you to specify collections of images from your hard disk or from the web to be used a slide show upon an object.
› Story Albums -Allow you to specify collections of texts or an RSS news feed that can be used to scroll messages across an object.

For specific details about the above, the following help topics are available:
'Picture Albums' and Story Albums'.

The Editor

To realize your designs you use the CyberFlair 3D Impressions Studio.  This is like most other editors allowing you to create, open and save your work in document files on your hard disk.

These documents can then be played as a presentation or screen savers, or to create movie clips.

For a detailed look on how to use the editor, check out the 'Online Tutorials' section.


Once you have created your 3D Impressions documents, they can be displayed in a variety of ways such as:

  • Your Windows Screen Saver
  • A Presentation Screen
  • Saved as a Movie File for playback on other devices.

For more information, see the 'Playback Overview' topic.

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