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3D Impressions   

CyberFlair 3D Impressions Edition Comparison

The CyberFlair 3D Impressions software product is available in a number of product editions.
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Home Edition

This edition is available for home users who wish to create their own Windows screen savers, party presentations or DVD quality movie snippets.

Professional Edition

This edition is available for business and home enthusiasts wanting to create their own extra high quality presentation screens, Windows screen savers or high-definition movie files.

3D Player Only

If you want to display your creations on other computers without the need of an additional copy of the editor, you can purchase additional licenses for just the player.  This can be useful if you've created a personalized screen saver as a present or wishing to standardize on a stylish corporate screen saver or presentation.

Comparison of Editions

Feature Home
  Basic Player
Pro Player
 Player  Object Quality
 Object Quality 

This defines how detailed each object is made.  The higher the setting the better objects will look, especially on high resolution screens.

All editions install with a default setting of 5.
1 - 5* 1 - 10       1 - 5* 1 - 10    
Object Multiplier
 Object Multiplier 

Some scenes contain multiples of the same object to provide atmospheric effects.  This setting allows you to easily change whether you want more or fewer of them.

All editions install with a default setting of 5.
1 - 5* 1 - 10     1 - 5* 1 - 10    
Playback Length
 Playback Length 
When a 3D Impressions document is played as a presentation or screen saver or previewed in the editor, the Home Edition and Basic Player are limited to a maximum playback length of 1 hour.
The Professional editions are not limited.
up to 1 hour* No Limit     up to 1 hour* No Limit    
Eco Mode Settings
 Eco Mode 

Eco Mode is a collection of settings that can help reduce the resource requirements and potential energy usage the 3D player makes on your computer.

These settings allow you to slow down animation when running on battery or when plugged in, as well as stopping the animation when Window's power settings turns off the display.

Eco Mode is available in all editions of the product.
* Yes    * Yes     * Yes    * Yes    
Screen Saver Mode
 Screen Saver Mode 

This is where any of your 3D Impressions documents can be used as a screen saver.

Screen Saver Mode is available in all editions of the product.
* Yes    * Yes     * Yes    * Yes    
Screen Saver Slots
 Screen Saver Slots 

After selecting CyberFlair 3D Impressions as your Windows screen saver, you get 3 personal screen saver file slots that you can save your designs to.  When Windows starts the screen saver, one of the slots is randomly chosen for playback.  You can even mark individual slots as inactive for when any design is not required.

The Professional editions also allows you to have 3 Global Screen Saver Slots that are made available to all Windows users on the computer.  This allows for easier deployment of your corporate screen savers.

3 User* 3 User + 3 Global 3 User* 3 User + 3 Global
Quick Presentation Mode
 Quick Presentation Mode 

Within the Professional editions, you can quickly play your 3D Impressions document and package files by simply double-clicking the file or any shortcut to them.

By creating shortcuts you can also assign them a key stroke for launching them quickly using the keyboard.
 No    * Yes      No    * Yes    

Using the new Playlist editor, you can create story-boards by selecting your CyberFlair 3D Impressions documents and have them played in sequence, each for a specified amount of time.

Only the Professional Editions allow you to play playlist files.
 No    * Yes      No    * Yes    
 Editor  Open & Save
 Open & Save Documents 

As like other editors you can save & open your 3D Impressions designs as documents for later use.

This is in addition to being able to save them within screen saver slots which are used when the product is used as your Windows screen saver.

Opening & saving as documents is available in both editions of the product.
* Yes    * Yes      Not availableNot available
Export to Package File
 Export to Package File 

When you add pictures to objects, these are stored as references or pointers to those picture files.  This can make copying your 3D Impressions documents to other computers difficult as the pictures it reference would also need copying to similar folder locations.

Using the 'Export to Package' feature embeds a copy of those pictures within the document file, which can then be easily copied to other computers.

This feature is available in both editions of the product.
* Yes    * Yes     Not availableNot available
Edit Package Files
 Edit Package Files 

If you have previously used the 'Export to Package' feature, you may need to make quick modifications to the packaged document file.

Users of the Professional Edition can open package documents within the Studio Editor to make changes directly to these files.

Users of the Home Edition can achieve something similar by editing their original, non-package document and re-exporting it as a package.
 No    * Yes     Not availableNot available
 Movie Resolution 

This determines the movie screen size in terms of the number of pixels wide and high.

The Home Edition is limited to slightly higher than DVD Quality resolutions of 800 x 600 or 854 x 480.

The Professional Edition allows high resolutions including HD Ready, Full HD and higher.
DVD Quality* High Definition  Not availableNot available
Maximum Length
 Maximum Length of Movie 

This is the maximum duration of video you can create per movie file.

The Home Edition is limited to maximum of 5 minutes which is suitable for creating such things as party presentation repeatable loops or for title scenes for enhancing home or social videos.

The Professional Edition is not limited.
up to 5 minutes* No Limit     Not availableNot available
(* Exchange rate affects price)
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Home Edition
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Professional Edition
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Basic Player
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    € 15.99 + Tax*  
    £ 14.99
Pro Player
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